UPSL Division I


Start of the UPSL 2020 Spring Season Delayed Until May 2nd

The United Premier Soccer League Update On Spring Season Kickoff Date
Published Mar 24, 2020

Firstly, we would like to say that the health of you, and your families, is by far the most important consideration for all of us in the weeks ahead. The spread of the coronavirus is a threat that demands the upmost respect. We urge you to support the efforts aimed at mitigating the contagion.

We are writing to update you on the plans for the Spring 2020 Season. We are not qualified to know when normal activity will resume, but given the escalation of federal and state measures, it is unrealistic to expect play to resume in early April. It would also be unwise to put anyone at risk at a time when caution is required.

With that in mind, we are now proposing to kickoff play the weekend of May 2nd. We will push back the National Finals weekend to August 15th/16th. These changes still allow a total of 11 weekends in which to schedule a regular season of at least 10 games and hopefully more. This also allows several weekends for play-offs and a one weekend break before the National Finals weekend.

We recognize that some teams in CA and FL have already played a game. Those results will stand. For some conferences this change will require a bit of tweaking to the originally planned schedules. We do appreciate your understanding and willingness to adjust accordingly at this time. Your conference or division manager will be in touch to address any schedule changes.  

Without wanting to be pessimistic, we also have a plan B which would still allow a spring season to be played, even if it needed to be shortened. If necessary we are willing to push the National Finals to Labor Day weekend which would buy 3 extra weeks. We will address that possibility only if it becomes necessary.

Finally, it goes without saying that these plans are subject to the lifting of any restrictions currently in place, particularly those regarding public gatherings as well as any mandates from our governing body. Please note that the player insurance coverage is dependent upon the activity being sanctioned by the USASA.

In the meantime, we wish you all the best of health. 


Yan Skwara
UPSL Commissioner